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We herald the ideals of

sovereignty, privacy & decentralization

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But you will feel our presence 

Who we are

Volition Labs follows in the footsteps of the original cypherpunks who brought us the technologies of cyber privacy, security, autonomy & decentralization.

We strive to maintain the creative vanguard and usher humanity into sovereign territory.

We are coders. We are math geeks. We are strategists. We are designers. We are creatives. We are thinkers.

Above all we are activists and dreamers.

We have skills. We have impact. We ask not permission.


Volition Labs


Head navigator of permissionless realms

Volition Labs


Guardian of cyber knowledge, culture hawk

Volition Labs


Cyber stealth officer,

slayer of bugs

Volition Labs


Future worlds meditator,

silicon shaman

Volition Labs


Free will custodian,

diligent data sleuth

Get The Volition Cypher-Zine

We send you our cypher-zine THE VOLITION.

THE VOLITION is a curated bite-array of radical insights from the pure-thought vanguard on the nature of all things pertaining to sovereignty, governance, futurism, and above all, liberty.

Volition Labs salute

to veteran cypherpunks

We honor the work of libertarians who risk life and liberty to champion free speech, privacy and cyber-sovereignty.

We work to ensure their legacy takes root in the public consciousness.

Volition Labs

Ross Ulbricht

Volition Labs

Tim May 1951 – 2018

Volition Labs

Jude Milhon 1939 – 2003

Volition Labs

Julian Assange

Bitcoin & the Rise of the Cypherpunks

Cryptocurrencies, smart contracts & secure messaging lie on the shoulders of previous technological innovations. Understanding the precursors to today's censorship resistant, anonymous revolution helps us continue the digital fight to preserve liberty and protect freedoms.

Cypher musings

Vanguard cyber visionaries share wisdom from the meatsphere, metaverse and beyond.

Great Reset Clown

MARK E. JEFTOVIK provides a crash course in the dystopian globalist agenda

Cantillion Effect

MARK E. JEFTOVIK dissects Money Printer Goes Brrrr economics

Seed phrase back up

J. LOPP's comparative analysis of Bitcoin seed phrase back up techniques

BSV dragon

sCRYPT provides a deep-dive response to J. Lopp's article "On BSV Scalability"

Volition Labs

J SANTI on how Bitcoin offers the antidote to the strategic assault on liberty.

Volition Labs

J SANTI on how Bitcoin offers the antidote to the strategic assault on liberty.

Volition Labs

J.B. SHURK how how blockchain is causing the Davos crowd to push the panic button.

Volition Labs

BP PURDEY on how government poses our biggest cybersecurity threat

Volition Labs

TJ COLES probes the apparatus of state-engineered predictive programming

Volition Labs

G SAMS uses historic precedent to reverse-engineer implications of a quasi-religious medical paradigm

Volition Labs

Academy of Ideas dissects the mechanism behind the most dangerous of all epidemics.

Volition Labs

Volition Labs dives beyond the cyber precipice and into discussions with digital artist ULYSSES XYZ

Volition Labs

B1G SP1R1T on how agorism holds the key to returning Bitcoin's velocity and with it Satoshi's vision for a grey market revolution.

Volition Labs

COVERT MANTI$$ on how without privacy there can be no liberty.

Volition Labs

P ROSENBERG on how the transition to Bitcoin signals a move from the cerebral to action.

Volition Labs

A detailed guide to improving your privacy as a Lightning Network user by J LOPP.

Volition Labs

An guide to Bitcoin memes and their significance by J LOPP

Volition Labs

P ROSENBERG on why it is time to free Ross Ulbricht and get his free world vision back on track.

Volition Labs

How we use tech for non-violent purposes is nobody's business by G SMITH

Volition Labs

J LOPP on why Bitcoin node operators should run a Tor hidden service.


Attend liberty events

in person.

When it comes to privacy and security, nothing is more secure than person-to-person conversations off-line.

Attend the many international gatherings that promote freedom and provide solutions and connections to real-world, freedom-minded communities.

Crypto Castle Symposium

Crypto Castles, Germany

Anarchapulco Conference

Anarchapulco, Mexico

Rebel Capitalist Live

Rebel Capitalist, Miami

Red Pill Expo

Redpill Expo, Indiapolis

07.01. – 07.31: TRUTH SHOW at Blo Back Gallery

Volition Labs sponsors the launch of the world's first Truth-themed annual art show

at Blo Back Gallery, Pueblo, Colorado, July 1-31.

Crypto Master Training


Master Crypto & Blockchain

We connect you to crypto experts to provide guidance and training in the fundamentals of decentralized technologies.

The Crypto Master program advances you from novice to confident operator in four days, using vanguard, interactive training modalities.

For full info: cryptomaster@volitionlabs.io

Contact us

Volition Labs collaborates with vanguard visionaries on positively disruptive cyber projects.

Have an evolutionary tech vision you yearn to actualize? Or simply wish to perpend elliptic curves, gossip protocols and consensus algorithms?

Mail us.

punks at volitionlabs dot io

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