Volition Labs

Outplaying Arcade Reality

September 11, 2021

Volition Labs in conversation with digital artist and disruptor ULYSSES XYZ on the joys of sovereign living.

Find him at www.uly.xyz.

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VL : Greetings Ulysses. Welcome to Volition Labs. Tell us, in the heat of the dragcar race between globalism and decentralization, do you stay optimistic?

UXYZ : Honestly, half the time I think, fuck this, I'm gonna find me a little hut in the middle of nowhere in the Mexican mountains and let the world burn. But at the same time I remain conscious that the finest minds on the planet are relentlessly pushing at the boundaries of permissionless tech and innovating solutions that are beyond the control of globalists. In future we will look back in wonder at the contribution being made by these pioneers in creating the parallel alternatives that allow us to step into freedom.

VL : So you think decentralized tech is pushing into the lead?

UXYZ : From my perspective we are seeing big tech/governments pushing panic buttons. An obvious goal is to get humanity permanently locked into the walled gardens of allowable thought and behavior. But thanks to the parallel tech solutions that focus on privacy and security, we techno gypsies will be able to flourish. You are going to have a subset of people who are moving in different ways to other people, unplugged into the central information feed. We will have different ideas, different attitudes, different ways of being that will soon inspire a critical mass and inevitably outgrow a dying control system.

VL : Is this what fuels you creatively?

UXYZ: I find myself becoming increasingly singular in my artistic message to the world: Get the fuck out of the system, start living as a free, sovereign being and start creating parallel societies. Life begins on the other side of fear; move beyond it and you are free. I use my art to inspire others to walk that path.

VL : How do you think your art does this?

UXYZ : I heard a recent interview with a person who lived through the fall of communism in Romania that humor and making light of rulers had more effect than any direct action. Comedy and satire provide a forceful antidote to fear. In my art I use satire to point out the hypocricy and corruption of the self-appointed shepherds of humanity. In this way art has the power to reveal truth and help us step into our true power.

VL : Is this the central tenet behind your upcoming solo NFT show at Anarchapulco this February?

UXYZ : Welcome to Clown World turns the tables on what the world has been taught is normal. State-sanctioned normality is a farce, a comedy of errors, something to be laughed at best. The show calls upon people to yell that the emperor has no clothes and to take back power by rejecting the incessant nannying by misguided people who insist in meddling in the lives of people who just want to be left alone.

VL : You extol grey markets, tell us more.

UXYZ : Grey markets naturally occur when people are left the fuck alone. Free trade is our natural human default position and the central pillar of a peaceful and free society. Grey markets self-regulate. There is nothing a government does badly that a grey market cannot do harmoniously. Everyone has a talent. I say develop it and make it available to the world, via exchange, cash or crypto.

VL : Is this what the promised land looks like to you?

UXYZ : It's what my promised land looks like for now. A couple of years ago I was like, 'I'm done supporting the system. I'm out'. Had no idea where I would end up but I had to go. I started heading to freedom fests to hang out with like-minded people and sell shirts for crypto. It trained me to be Zen about everything. Practicing meditating and considering my reaction to situations and environments in order to master my reactions has been key. Hopefully this gives me enough wisdom to guide me to a place where I want to be.

VL : Sounds like you are living the crypto-nomad dream. But was it hard as an artist to carve a niche for yourself having turned your back on centralized media platforms?

UXYZ : Not at all. I want to be in the places where people have also made the same decision to walk away from the thought police and walled gardens. The fact you can't find me on twitter or instagram feels good. Find me on Flote. Find me on Pixelfed. Find me on uly.xyz.

VL : We most certainly will.

Ulysses XYZ's solo NFT show WELCOME TO CLOWNWORLD comes to Anarchapulco Conference this February 19-21st.

Discover more at www.uly.xyz.